Saturday, 4 October 2014

GTA:SA Teaser 2 World War Z: Battle of Yonkers

World war Z:Battle of Yonkers tells a story about of how several army elements are confronting 4 million zombies at Yonkers after the Great Panic.

You will be following 2 different protagonists:
Hannibal, a team member of an anti-zombie task force referred as ''Alpha Teams'' and Todd Wainio, a young US Infantryman of the 1st Armored Division nicknamed "Old Ironsides''

Make sure you watch in HD, and enjoy!

And yes this is all GTA SA

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  1. Hello! I really like your videos and skins! they are awesome man!!! I'm making a serie (not about zombies) and I really need the US Army skins! Can I borrow and use them for my videos? You'll appear in the credits! Hope you can help me! Thank you very much!